April, 2010 Volume 10-154

By Gary Collinge, ManagerLog Harvesting


oulson Forest Products is currently on its final 100,000m3 of logging in TFL54.  To be in our highest cost area with a very tight market and its current mediocre condition requires careful planning and a review of all budgets.  We have a large road component in our remaining areas, and roads will set more of our logging schedule than I like, so we are working hard at reducing road meters.

The mill sort yard is working to maximize value return to the log in a highly selective market.  As with all things getting our sorts right for existing customers is a fleeting thing.  Producers try to give the customer what they ask for but sometimes miss the mark. Good luck.

I have been walking all our prospective blocks looking for the best way to maximize volume and value. We have some very nice cedar ahead but we will have to patient until the road is built.

The final TFL54 block is Matliset, heavier to hemlock.  It will be a challenge to make it work with today’s market.


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