August, 2007 Volume 07-127

By George RoseInformation Systems

Information SystemsThe big news this issue of course is the move to our new corporate offices in the gaming centre building. The move went very smoothly from an IT perspective. A very big thank-you to Darcy Phipps from DarCIT Technical Services for all his help. We put in a couple of very long days, and late nights that weekend, and I could not have done it without him.

The new phone system is performing flawlessly and I am getting ready to add the mill and airport over the next couple of weeks. The forestry department on 4th avenue has been running on the new system for a few days now and everything seems to be working well.

When we moved, our Wide Area Network (WAN) which interconnects Head Office, 4th Avenue, the mill and the airport, was upgraded from a 1.44 MHz T1 to a 10 MHz fibre. Although that transition also went smoothly, I am a little disappointed in the performance of the new link and currently have Telus checking to make sure we are able to fully utilize all potential of the 10 MHz bandwidth.

My new office and server room are very functional as well as visually pleasing, and it is a pleasure to no longer have all the servers crammed into an over heated closet.

The gaming centre continues to take shape and is demanding more and more of my time as opening day approches. There is a lot to learn over the next 2 weeks as the video surveillance and audio/video systems come online. I’m looking forward to working intimately with these elaborate systems and devices.

Back wall of new server room with 2 full height racks. The one on the left contains patch panels with the connections for over 150 cable drops into the room from the various locations throughout the corporate office and gaming centre. The rack on the left contains 7 of the 9 servers currently operational.

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