Heli-logging/Night Logging


Heli Logging

Our experience and technology give you the competitive edge, no matter how remote the location.

  • Environmentally positive
  • Cost efficient
  • Complete year-round mobile operation including support equipment

Heli Grapple System

On July 18, 1989, a U.S. patent was issued on a revolutionary system designed by our Aircrane personnel, to complement our conventional heli-logging program.

The grapple has provided greater safety features enabling us to enter dangerous areas where it is not safe for chokermen to work. It has proven valuable in storm blow-down areas along creek beds.

Environmentally Positive:

The Heli-grapple system is often used to log environmentally sensitive drainages including stream clean-up. This helps minimize the disruption of fish habitat.

Meeting the challenge to operate the S61 in the B.C. logging environment requires the following vast support mechanisms:

Hangar Barge
  • acts as a sub base for maintenance
Bell 206
  • provide support for the hill crew, falling programs, and any emergency medivac flights
Fuel Support
  • includes fuel barges, and numerous truck and pups
Night Logging

Night Logging

In November 12, 1999, Coulson Aircrane received authorization from Transport Canada to harvest logs in a well lit (ball park like stadium) zone. This was achieved by input from various internal and external aviation experts. The first challenge faced, was to developed a lighting system that would be sufficient to operate in a safe and productive environment. We developed an aluminum pod that stands 6 feet high and mounted three incredibly powerful lights to the pod as seen below. The concept is the pod is slung underneath the bell 206 jet ranger and is set on top of 50 foot topped trees that have been strategically picked for the lit zone. Once the pod is set on top of the desired tree a 60 foot cord that is attached to the pod is lowered to the base of the tree where a small portable light plant is placed to generate power. At dusk the light plants are started and as darkness settles in, a lit stadium occurs. To ensure safety is not compromised, we have added two night suns to the S-61 as backup lighting. From the experimenting we have done this program is very sight specific and is used on an incremental basis late in the winter when the days are short.

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