The origin of the Coulson Group of Companies is a history of logging in British Columbia since the 1930s. Cliff Coulson began working in the Forest Industry in 1934. The Coulson Group of Companies has since evolved from a small logging contractor to a position of leadership in the forest industry. Now, Cliff's son, Wayne Coulson, focuses the Coulson Group on pioneering "a better way" into the 21st century. Sustainability, reforestation, and harvesting the profile are the Coulson Group's top priorities to ensure success for continuing generations.

The first of the current Group Companies, Coulson Forest Products Ltd., was founded in 1960 by Cliff Coulson. As the Parent Company of all Coulson companies to come, Coulson Forest Products is family-owned and operated with a commitment to the community in which it has operated since its inception. Coulson Forest Products' first forest license was acquired in 1972 in the Toquart area.

In 1984, a second forest license was purchased when Hecate Logging Ltd. was formed as a joint venture with the Ehattesaht Band, a First Nations people. This was the first successful joint venture of its kind in British Columbia between native and non-native interests in the Forest Industry. This Forest License was returned to the peoples of the Ehattesaht in 2006, based on its success.

In 1997, Coulson Forest Products and the Toquaht First Nation (Ucluelet, B. C.) formed a joint partnership, E-cha-peh Forest Resources Ltd. As a result of this First Nation joint venture, this company was awarded 50% of a Community Forest Licence in 2000. The success of this company represents a strategic breakthrough in structuring First Nation's participation in the community forest industry.

In 2007, Coulson Forest Products again extended its operational expertise to the Central Region Chiefs representing the five First Nations in Clayoquot Sound. This is an unprecedented partnership where Coulson Forest Products Ltd was a 49% owner of Tree Farm Licence 54 along with the five First Nations.


Coulson Aircrane Ltd., an aviation company, began operations in 1985. Coulson Aircrane now operates a fleet of five Sikorsky S-61 helicopters and two Bell Jet Rangers. Coulson Aircrane has established itself as North America's largest commercial operator of the S61 and has the highest utilization per aircraft of any of its competitors worldwide (2,500 hours per year per aircraft). Year 2007 is a milestone year for Coulson's aviation companies. Four of its five Sikorsky S-61 helicopters are working in a passenger-configuration mode in such diverse industries as off-shore oil and gas (Azerbaijan), missile retrieval/ship-to-shore passenger/freight transport (U. S. Navy in Hawaii), commuter transport between Vancouver and Victoria, and fire fighter transportation and water bucketing for fire suppression in Australia.

Coulson Aircrane (U.S.A.), Inc. was founded in 1990 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Coulson Aircrane Ltd. to provide aircraft personnel for Coulson helicopters and fixed wing aircraft operating under contract in the U.S. From 1990 to 1993 Coulson Aircrane (U.S.A.) provided the personnel for extensive heli-logging operations in Alaska. In the succeeding years, Coulson Aircrane (U.S.A.) pilots and flight engineers have supported Coulson Aircrane Ltd. aircraft in logging and other external-lift operations in the Western U.S., often involving fire suppression operations. Personnel include supervisors, pilots and flight engineers working on a rotational basis.

Coulson Aircrane Ltd. formed a new division in 2007, Coulson Flying Tankers, when it purchased the world-renowned Martin Mars Flying Tankers. The Martin Mars Flying Tankers began service with the US Navy in 1944 and were retired from military service in the mid 1950s after 80,000 hours of use. These aircraft were two of five Martin Mars aircraft used to service the Pearl Harbour Navy Base for freight and people transportation between the Hawaiian Islands and San Francisco. The two Coulson Flying Tanker aircraft are the largest flying boats in the world, carrying an enormous 7,200 us gallons per load. The aircraft also have the ability to fly up to 13 flight hours before refueling. Coulson Aircrane is now working with various countries to market this aircraft as it is the first and only company over the last 47 years to offer these two specialized aircraft into the world fire suppression market.

Coulson Aero Technologies Ltd. was formed in 1997 to overhaul the General Electric CT58 jet engine, the main transmission, the main rotor head, and all other rotating parts on the fleet of S61's. As well as taking cost control of parts being consumed by the Coulson Aircrane fleet, this company has successfully outsourced its overhaul capabilities worldwide. The assets of Coulson Aero Technologies were sold in 2005 to CHC Helicopter Corporation, the world's largest provider of helicopter services to the global offshore oil and gas industry, with aircraft operating in more than 30 countries around the world..

With the introduction of the 16.1 Value-Added Small Business program in 1988, C Mokko Manufacturing Ltd. and Coulson Manufacturing Ltd. were created to construct and operate a value-added lumber manufacturing facility in Port Alberni. A "hands-on" style of manufacturing allows for the best cutting and quality control decisions at every work station. With a dynamic global market, Coulson Manufacturing has adapted well to specialty cutting for both Japanese and Domestic markets and is an industry leader in the production of specialized Western Red Cedar lumber on the West Coast of British Columbia.


To extract more value and to complement the order file of our customers as well as those of local manufacturing facilities, a remanufacturing facility was built in 1995. H M Processing Ltd. and Coulson Specialties Ltd. produce high value, surfaced, ripped, chopped and bundled lumber products. H M Processing and Coulson Specialties were wound up into Coulson Manufacturing in November of 2005 and are now divisions of the Manufacturing company.

Coulson Millworks Ltd. was formed in the latter part of 2002. This new company was formed to facilitate the reopening of the idle 65,000 square foot Somass Millworks remanufacturing plant owned by Weyerhaeuser. The current main product line is cedar beveled siding for the US marketplace. The chop line and finger-joint line are currently being ramped into the production of new remanufactured lumber product lines. Coulson Millworks was wound up into Coulson Manufacturing in November of 2005and is now a division of the Manufacturing company.

Executive Transport Airways Ltd. was formed in 2004. In conjunction with Helijet International, Executive Transport Airways is currently operating a daily commuter service between Vancouver and Victoria from September through to May. From May through to September the two companies provide charter services to fishing lodges located in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

In 2007, the Coulson Group of Companies finalized negotiations with the Alberni Valley Gaming Association to create a Community Gaming Centre, Chances RimRock. Coulson Forest Products Ltd. is performing the function of General Contractor for the construction of a 25,000 square foot Community Gaming Centre located in Port Alberni. Coulson Group has agreed to manage the Gaming Centre for ten years, beginning in September, 2007.

The future success of any company is based on the thumbprint of yesterday, and we are excited about the Coulson Group's future in the new millennium. Our Companies' Management Philosophy is built around commitment, compassion, loyalty, and the "will to succeed".

The Coulson Group of Companies - Head Office:

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